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Vos placements dans le vin

Wine investment

Build your wealth by investing in fine wine with Patrimoine Grands Crus. The wine market is very attractive, offering investors both controlled risk and high return.

Wine investment

Nos conseils en gestion de patrimoine

Build your wealth

A safe and simple investment: this is Patrimoine Grands Crus’ solution. Our financial advisors are at your service to help your family diversify its wealth.

Protect your wealth

Investir dans de grands vins

Purchase fine wines

Invest in famous French wines and benefit from our expert knowledge and advice. Combine your passion for fine wine with your desire to make sound and trustworthy investments.

Discover our famous French wines

Invest in Wine
with Patrimoine Grands Crus

Philippe Guillon - Directeur commercial de Patrimoine Grands CrusPatrimoine Grands Crus investors :

Investing in Patrimoine Grands Crus is not only a financial venture. It means nurturing a passion for fine wine and cultivating relationships with seasoned winemakers and remarkable tasters.

The possibility of recovering bottles when exiting the capital allows investors to enjoy the world’s finest wines at wholesale trading prices.

«I want to thank you for having introduced me to your company. Patrimoine Grands Crus gave me the opportunity to diversify my investments and break out of conventional products. I am thrilled to be involved in this venture. »

Guillaume B. - Limited Partner